Poll: Black Approval Rating For President Trump at 40%

Historically-low unemployment and poverty levels contributing factors

Image Credits: White House.

President Trump has a record-high of 40% approval among blacks as the midterms close in, according to a Rasmussen poll.

The tax cuts, along with historically low unemployment and poverty levels among blacks were contributing factors in Trump’s high approval rating.

“New Fox Poll shows a ‘40% Approval Rating by African Americans for President Trump, a record for Republicans.’ Thank you, a great honor!” Trump tweeted Sunday.

This comes as the “Blexit,” or Black Exit movement from the Democrat Party gains steam heading into the midterms.

The results are double what Trump’s approval was among blacks when he was elected – around 19% – still higher than average for a Republican candidate.

This may help explain why the mainstream media has gone into overdrive with demonizing the Republican Party as a party full of racist, Nazi bigots – the Democrats are hemorrhaging what they view as their key voting block, which may also explain why they’re bending over backwards to accommodate illegal aliens.