Poll Finds Over a Quarter of American Men Think They’d Lose a Fight With a House Cat

Masculinity in the mud.

Image Credits: Elizabeth Livermore via Getty Images.

Perhaps reflecting the state of modern masculinity, a new poll finds that over a quarter of American men think they would lose a fight with a house cat.

Yes, really.

Participants were asked, “What an animal could you beat in a fight?”

Only 74 per cent of men said they could win a fight with a house cat, leaving 26 per cent who literally think they’d get a beatdown from the feline pet.

Perhaps even worse, 24 per cent think they’d come off second best to a rat.

Nearly a third of American men also think that they’d get their ass whupped by a goose.


The numbers shouldn’t be that surprising given that a previous poll conducted by the Economist found that a quarter of American millennial men think that asking to buy a woman a drink is a form of “sexual harassment.”

Western masculinity never looked so weak.



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