Poll: Majority of Democrats In Battleground States Want Moderate Candidate

Spells trouble for far-left socialist contenders like Sanders, Warren.

Image Credits: Gary Hershorn/Getty Images.

Most Democrat voters in swing states want a candidate who is more centrist than liberal, according to a new poll.

A New York Times-Siena College poll released Friday found that 55% of Democrats in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arizona, and Florida want their candidate to be “more moderate than most Democrats.”

The poll also indicated these same voters want a candidate who can compromise with Republican lawmakers rather than someone determined to force through far-left policies like Medicare For All and the Green New Deal.

62% said they want a nominee who promises “to find common ground with Republicans,” compared to 33% who said they want a nominee who fights “for a bold progressive agenda.”

Joe Biden, the most moderate of the current Democrat field, led in five of the six states polled.

According to Real Clear Politics, Biden leads with 28.3% despite his poor debate performances and ongoing Ukraine scandal, with Warren trailing behind at 20.6%.

This latest poll doesn’t bode well for the Democrat Party, who have so far tried to out-flank each other on far-left policies like gun confiscation, open borders and welfare for illegal immigrants, and higher taxes to pay for their globalist pet projects.

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