Poll: Plurality Consider Abortion ‘the Same as Murdering a Child’

Image Credits: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc.

A plurality of Americans consider abortion the same as the murder of a child, a survey from The Economist/YouGov showed. 

Answers were split to the question of whether respondents were “pro-life” or “pro-choice,” as 27 percent identified as “pro-life,” while 35 percent said “pro-choice,” and 23 percent said “both.” 

Similarly, respondents were split on when they believe abortion should be illegal, as 11 percent said it should “never be allowed,” and 29 percent said it should only be legal in special circumstances such as preserving the life of the mother. Another 31 percent said abortion should be legal with some restrictions, such as late term abortion, and 29 percent said it should be legal with no restrictions whatsoever. 

However, when it comes to what people believe abortion is, specifically, a plurality — 45 percent — acknowledge that abortion is the “same as murdering a child.” Of those, 30 percent “strongly agree” and 15 percent “somewhat agree.” Forty-three percent feel otherwise, including 30 percent who “strongly” disagree and 13 percent who “somewhat” disagree. 

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