Pollster: “Hidden Voters” Not Reflected in Polls Will Secure Trump Re-Election

Image Credits: SAUL LOEB/Getty Images.

One of only two polling firms that correctly predicted Donald Trump’s 2016 victory says that Trump is on course for re-election due to “hidden voters” who are not reflected in mainstream polling because they are reluctant to admit their support for Trump.

Trafalgar Group chief pollster Robert Cahaly told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that “polls are predominantly missing the hidden Trump vote, what is referred to as the shy Trump voter.”

Cahaly noted that the threat of retribution, which has intensified following months of BLM and Antifa riots, is driving many Trump voters to keep quiet about their support for the president when asked by polling agencies.

“There is a clear feeling among conservatives and people that are for the president, that they are not interested in sharing their opinions so readily on the telephone — we’ve seen people being beat up, harassed, doxed, have their houses torn up, because they express political opinions that are not in line with … the politically correct establishment,” said Cahaly.

Cahaly also noted that with the elevated threat of doxxing, Trump voters would be uncomfortable in stating their preference if they thought the poll wasn’t anonymous and wouldn’t therefore give honest answers.

However, according to rival polling firm FiveThirtyEight, most “shy Trump voters” would be expected to be found in blue states, yet 2016 results show that Trump outperformed 2016 polls the most in red states.

Despite this, a poll conducted by Fox News earlier this month found that most Americans think their neighbors are quietly voting for Trump.

“Almost half of those surveyed – 49 percent – think their neighbors are supporting Trump compared to the 38 percent who believe their neighbors are backing Biden,” reported Florida Daily.

According to Cahaly, Joe Biden’s inability to attract 80% of black voter support could also be a massive undercurrent that will help Trump secure re-election.



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