Pompeo: Maduro Regime “Illegitimate”

Blasts regime as criminally incompetent

Image Credits: Mark Wilson / Staff / Getty.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has declared the regime of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro as illegitimate in a statement delivered to the United Nations Security Council.

Pompeo blasted the incumbent’s regime as “criminally incompetent” in his Thursday address where he also said America is ready to provide $20 million in “humanitarian assistance” to Venezuelans.

“As a friend of the Venezuelan people, we stand by to help them even more, to help them begin the process of rebuilding their country and their economy from the destruction wrought by the criminally incompetent and illegitimate Maduro regime,” said Pompeo. “Our support for Venezuela’s democratic hopes and dreams is in sharp contrast to the authoritarian regimes across the globe who have lined up to prop up former president Maduro.”

Pompeo’s speech echoed a State Department letter published Wednesday saying Maduro has no legal authority to break diplomatic relations.

Around the world, lines are being drawn by nations over who they recognize as the leader of the collapsing nation, according to Conflict News.

Correspondingly, without mentioning Maduro by name, Russia has warned the U.S. against military intervention in Venezuela.

“Venezuela is friendly to us and is our strategic partner,” said Russia’s deputy foreign minister. “We have supported them and will support them.”

“We consider that [U.S. military intervention] would be a catastrophic scenario that would shake the foundations of the development model which we see in Latin America.”

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