Pompeo: People In Iran, Iraq Will View Assassination Of Gen. Soleimani As ‘Giving Them Freedom’

Echoes of Iraq War propaganda emerge from Secretary of State

Image Credits: @atrupar/Twitter.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Friday that America’s targeted assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani will be viewed by the people of Iran and Iraq as “giving them freedom.”

Ari Fleischer said in 2003 that the Iraqis would “welcome freedom” and be “a liberated people” once we overthrew Saddam Hussein.

Dick Cheney in 2003 said the US would be “greeted as liberators” in Iraq.

The Iranians in fact held a giant rally in Tehran celebrating Soleimani as a martyr.

Just hours before Pompeo said Iraqis and Iranians will view us as “giving them freedom” his State Department was urging all Americans to flee from Iraq “immediately.”

Iraq’s parliament was also moving to ban the US from their country entirely.

On his own Twitter Thursday night, Pompeo shared this video allegedly showing a group of Iraqis “dancing in the streets for freedom” after hearing of Soleimani’s death.

The actual origin of that video appears to have been a largely unknown Twitter user going by “Mo_Allamy” whose profile lists his location as “Germany.”

The text translates to: “Demonstrators celebrations in #[Liberation Square, Baghdad] With the killing of the terrorist Qassem Soleimani. #نريد_وطن”

I contacted Allamy on Twitter and he claimed he took the video himself. He also said no one from the State Department contacted him to confirm the video’s authenticity. When I asked him why his location was Germany, he told me that “when you live in Iraq and you speak against the militias, then you know that your location on the media will kill you as it did before.”

He got angry after seeing I opposed the strikes and accused me of wanting to “blow” him up.

As a reminder, the famous video of Iraqis toppling a statue of Saddam Hussein after the US captured Baghdad was a completely staged psy-op.

We’re watching a “reboot” of the Iraq war with the media even bringing back the same old cast of characters who sold us the first war!

Alex Jones and Syrian Girl analyze Trump’s statements on his action against Iranian terrorists in order to stop war.

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