“Poor White People”: Sick Leftist Suggests Waukesha Killer Acted in “Self-Defense”

Then tries to play anti-semitism card after backlash.

Image Credits: Getty Images/Twitter.

A left-wing social justice activist responded to the horrific tragedy at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin by sardonically commenting “poor white people” and joking that the murderer acted in “self-defense” against the crowd.

Yes, really.

At least five people were killed and dozens more injured after a suspect allegedly identified as as Darrell Edward Brooks Jr, a 39-year-old black male with a long criminal history, ploughed through victims while driving a speeding red SUV.

Some of the victims included a dance team of girls aged between 9 and 15 years old.

Reports suggest the culprit may have been fleeing the scene of an earlier crime, although authorities still haven’t ruled out terrorism.

Entrepreneur and social justice activist Mark L. Feinberg reacted to the shocking incident by appearing to mock the victims.

After Feinberg, who is CEO of OTHRSource, sardonically remarked that the killer had acted in “self defense” against the parade attendees, a reference to the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, he was told by another Twitter user, “It was a Christmas parade, you nitwit.”


“Poor white people,” responded Feinberg.

He also responded to another tweet that called the tragedy “just terrible” by claiming the oppression faced by black people was far worse.


“More or less terrible than 402+ years of a systemic holocaust against black people (which has killed millions)?

After receiving a backlash to his vile comments, Feinberg then tried to play the anti-semitism card.


He appears to have deleted all of the tweets captured above.

As Chris Menahan highlights, numerous other leftists responded to the massacre by either mocking the victims or blaming “white supremacy.”

To reiterate, the killer was an African-American male.



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