Populist MEP Calls For Nationalist Revolt in EU Parliament

Says incoming Brexit MEPs should disrupt, be militant saboteurs

Image Credits: Dinendra Haria/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images.

The wave of incoming Brexit Party representatives in EU Parliament should wage political war on the establishment, says prominent UK MEP Janice Atkinson.

Pro-Brexit MEPs are in a position to drive globalists crazy, thus potentially paving the way for their welcomed departure by the next Brexit ‘deadline’ of October 31st, she says.

“My advice to Brexit Party MEPs: be militant, be saboteurs, disrupt and be a royal pain, they’ll be desperate for a deal by 31st Oct. (UKIP MEPs should have been more militant but they were divided),” Atkinson tweeted, also sharing a link to an op-ed she published at Voice of Europe.

“How many more times do we have to vote?” Atkinson asks in her piece. “How many more times must we debate, argue, go to the polls and vent our anger? How many times must Nigel Farage rise like the Phoenix and win? How many times must the Conservative party damage itself, maybe beyond repair?”

Atkinson asserts that the class of 2014 UKIP MEPs were betrayed by globalists in UK and EU government, but also sabotaged their own cause via infighting and backstabbing.

She urges Brexit MEPs not to make the same mistake, but instead to seize the opportunity afforded them by UK voters desperate for a break from the authoritarian EU superstate.

“The media and the EU expect them not to take up committee positions and not to work effectively with other Eurosceptic parties, because they believe nationalistic parties only worry about national interests,” Atkinson says. “Wrong. I proved this in the [Europe of Nations and Freedoms] where we worked extremely effectively together.”

“They should stage sit-in protests, disrupt all proceedings in committees and in plenary. They should work with Eurosceptic parties to stop and block legislation. This, together with a real conservative heading up the Conservative party, will mean that the EU will do a deal to get rid of us and we can Brexit on 31 October.”

Jean-Claude Juncker and other EU leaders are admitting the weak state of the EU now that people across Europe have voted for populist candidates who promote nationalism.

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