Portland police tells woke city’s crime victims they’re on their own

Residents warned of delayed responses to all but the most serious 911 calls due to spiraling crime and staff shortages amid record-breaking murder rate

Image Credits: Douglas Sacha / Getty Images.

Portland’s police department has warned residents of the woke but crime-ravaged Oregon city to expect delays in cops answering all but the most serious 911 calls.   

On Monday, Portland Police were only responding to priority 1 and priority 2 calls – codes that refer to incidents that are life-threatening or with a potential for physical injury, as well as major property crimes. 

It came in the wake of a busy day for cops in the city, which included two carjackings, one of which ended with police shooting an armed suspect dead.

Responses to any crime-in-progress that didn’t pose an immediate threat to persons or property were ‘delayed,’ the department tweeted. Ongoing staff shortages were also blamed for the slump in emergency services provision. 

The ominous announcement came as the city of roses hit an all-time high in homicides. The 80 murder milestone reached on Friday far surpasses Portland’s record of 67, attained in 1987, and is likely to rise before 2021 comes to an end in 24 days. 

That number has been ramping steadily – in 2020, 53 homicides were reported. In 2019, there were 29, and in 2018 there were 25. 

As of October, there were 1,126 shootings throughout the city this year – in 2020 there were 792 and the year before there were 355, according to the Portland Police Department.

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Meanwhile, 55 officers retired and another 29 left the department, leaving 835 sworn members on the force amid nationwide calls to defund police that were heard especially loud in Portland last year.

The city is famed as America’s most woke, and is renowned as a hotbed of Antifa activists, who regularly protest and riot in the dilapidated streets of downtown Portland.

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