Powerful “Gay Frog” Documentary Blows Atrazine Out Of The Water

Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

A thorough investigation and analysis by Oki’s Weird Stories found that Alex Jones was right about the chemical atrazine affecting the mating behavior of frogs and other amphibians, as well as their physiology, proving that chemicals in the water do “turn the frogs gay.”

Oki explained how the herbicide product atrazine is a carcinogen and endocrine disruptor that was banned by the European Union in 2003.

“In frogs, it’s been associated with increased estrogen production, decreased fertility, gonadal deformities, altered sex ratios, complete sex reversal, and hermaphroditism,” Oki said.

Oki went on to point out how researcher Dr. Tyron Hayes of UC Berkeley published a study on the effects of atrazine on frogs, finding that the frogs were drastically altered sexually with even low “ecologically relevant” doses — an anomaly some scientists call “atrazine-induced hermaphroditism.”

And Oki revealed that when scientists like Dr. Hayes presented their data to agrochemical companies like Sygenta, his work was stalled and funding cut.

“It seemed like they were trying to slow down the progress,” Hayes said. “Because with each set of samples we analyzed, the problem got worse, it didn’t get better.”

“And then eventually they asked me to manipulate the data in ways that were inappropriate to try to make it go away. And at that point I quit.”

Alex Jones breaks down the recent report by Tucker Carlson vindicating Infowars’ long-standing coverage of the dangers of public exposure to harmful chemicals like atrazine.