Pregnant Nurse Among Hospital Staff Fired For Refusing Covid Vaccine

Aren't hospitals short on staff in the midst of a pandemic?

Image Credits: WTHR 13 Screenshot.

Several nurses who worked for Sidney & Lois Eskenazi (emphasis on the Nazi) Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana have been terminated over their refusal to submit to the hospital’s mandatory experimental Covid injection.

On Monday, a nurse named Adara Allen who is currently in the middle of a high-risk pregnancy was informed she’d been fired for not taking the jab.

The nurse has an issue with blood clots in addition to her high-risk pregnancy, saying, “If I lost another baby… I couldn’t forgive myself.”

Allen is still mentally recovering from a miscarriage she suffered in December.

She talked with Fox 59, explaining, “I asked if I could do weekly testing or if I could discuss this after my pregnancy. They said no.”

Describing her discussion with the hospital, Allen told WTHR 13, “It was very concrete. There was no working around it. It was like, ‘this is how it is. You either quit or take the vaccine.’”

Allen also tried to file a medical exemption with her employer after visiting two doctors who gave conflicting recommendations on whether or not she should get the vaccine.

“It was hard knowing I was going to lose my health insurance being a high-risk pregnant person. It was hard for me knowing I was going to lose my retirement that I saved,” she said. “At the end of the day, what’s important to me is my future family.”

Another nurse who was surprised to be fired by the hospital, Sheila Burleson, told WTHR 13, “We were needed. We played a big role in taking care of our patients. We put our lives in danger, but we put our consideration for ourselves aside to make sure these patients survive.”

Also touching on the fact that hospitals supposedly need nurses now more than ever, Allen said, “We need nurses right now. We don’t need to be separated and [kept] at home … Nurses are short. When you are sick and dying, what’s more important to me, ‘are you vaccinated or not vaccinated?’”

While nearly every media outlet goes out of their way to point out that the CDC says pregnant women should get the vaccine, studies show that could be a bad decision.

For example, in July, the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that pregnant women given Covid vaccinations during their first or second trimesters suffered an 82% spontaneous abortion rate, killing 4 out of 5 unborn babies.

As hospitals around the nation continue to lay off staff due to their vaccination status, Americans should not tolerate these same entities and their media lapdogs crying about a shortage of workers.

See the Fox 59 report on the Eskenazi nurses below:

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