President Trump’s Poll Numbers Boom with the Economy

Trump getting big things done efficiently and competently

Image Credits: Coast Guard.

Despite the elitist media’s malevolent intentions to distract from President Trump’s historical successes in the first year of his presidency, word and the results are getting through to the only people that matter, voters. And the latest job approval numbers for the president reflect this.

Even the Gallup poll, which has been an outlier with its bad news, has Trump at 40 percent approve (55 percent disapprove) after weeks in the mid-thirties. One of the reasons Gallup is an outlier is that it polls all U.S. adults, rather than screen for registered or likely voters. For a time, Trump’s disapproval in this poll was over 60 percent.

The Rasmussen poll, one of the most accurate of the 2016 presidential election, shows Trump at a pretty healthy 45 percent approve, 53 percent disapprove. Better still, the president has been in the mid-forties going back to December 22.

The rebound can also be seen on the Real Clear Politics poll of polls. A few weeks ago, Trump was upside down with a dismal 37 percent approve, 58 percent disapprove average — or 21 points underwater.