Pro-Lifers Viciously Attacked While Sidewalk Counseling Outside Planned Parenthood

73-year-old Mark Crosby 'suffered a fracture plate bone in his right cheek and will have to have his eye orbit replaced with metal,' according to pro-life group.

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

Pro-life demonstrators providing sidewalk counseling outside a Planned Parenthood abortion center in Baltimore, Maryland, were brutally attacked by a deranged leftists over the weekend, with grisly images showing one of the activists’ brutal injuries.

After reviewing surveillance footage of the May 26 incident, police said an unidentified man approached activists Dick Schafer, 80, and Mark Crosby, 73, speaking aggressively as they attempted to pray and spread info about abortion alternatives. reports:

At one point footage shows the suspect about to turn away, before rushing at the protester and tackling him over a flowerpot.

The second protester then runs over to help the victim only to be shoved to the ground by the suspect.

While the second protester is already down on his back, the suspect is seen punching him in the face with a closed fist.

Before walking away the suspect is seen kicking the victim in the face with what police described as “extreme force.”

Students for Life of America shed light on further details behind the assault.

Police said the attack came after “an ‘exchange of ideas’ over the abortion issue,” WBAL reports.

According to Students for Life, “Crosby suffered a fracture plate bone in his right cheek and will have to have his eye orbit replaced with metal.”

A fundraiser for Crosby explains he’s “currently in the hospital being treated for the serious injuries he sustained.”

Police are still searching for the suspect.

The unprovoked assault is yet another example of the loving left’s penchant for violence against people with ideological differences, and exemplifies their hatred towards those who want to stop them from murdering babies.