Pro-Trump Rappers Drop Viral Anti-Target Music Video

The people are totally rejecting the establishment's trans cult push

Image Credits: Mayor Of Magaville / youtube.

Pro-Trump hip-hop artists Forgiato Blow, Nick Nittoli, Stoney Dudebro and singer Jimmy Levy are all featured on a viral song and music video released Friday.

The timely track focuses on the recent pushback against Target stores for placing LGBT and pro-satan products in children’s sections.

The catchy hook repeats, “Target, Target. Yeah, they targeting. Target, Target. Yeah, they target kids. Target, Target. Yeah, they targeting. Target, Target. Yeah they target kids.”

In the music video, the guys are seen holding LGBT items in a Target store while rapping and singing as they walk down aisles.

Political activist and Christian rap artist Hi-Rez also released a new song and music video today, called, “Based Freestyle,” where he obliterates the far-left establishment and the sheep who follow its NWO agenda.

The anti-globalist liberty movement is winning the culture war thanks to artists like these using their talents to push back against the NWO Great Reset agenda threatening humanity.

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