Professor of Medicine Brags About Wearing Two Face Masks to Inauguration Despite Having Been Vaccinated

Image Credits: Megan L Ranney via Twitter.

A professor of medicine and frequent CNN guest bragged about wearing two face masks to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration despite having already received a COVID-19 vaccine, but later deleted the tweet after receiving criticism.

Megan L Ranney MD posted a photo of herself wearing two masks alongside the words, “Off I go to #Inauguration21….with an old N95 under my cloth mask. Heebie Jeebies from being in an airport, despite being fully vaccinated.”

She also added that she was “thankful” for more draconian screening measures in the aftermath of the breach at the Capitol earlier this month.

However, respondents to the tweet slammed Ranney for her hysterical overreaction and apparent desperation for social media clout while others questioned why she would need to wear two masks while vaccinated if masks and vaccines were effective.

Presumably, if wearing a mask makes you a good person, wearing two masks makes you a doubleplusgood person.


Others pointed out that aside from the debate about whether or not masks are actually effective in stopping the spread of COVID-19, this is the latest example of a leftist betraying the fact that the face mask has become the latest insipid token of sanctimonious virtue signaling and obedience.

Ranney deleted the tweet a few hours after she posted it.

Another leftist who previously bragged about wearing two face masks on Twitter also deleted his tweet after facing rididule.

As we previously highlighted, the BBC even told people to wear face masks during sex, while leftists don’t seem too bothered about the fact that masks will contribute an estimated 7,000 tons of plastic to the oceans and take 450 years to break down.




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