Project Veritas Bombshell II: Massive Voter Fraud Among Dems & GOP To “Help The Bidens”

Image Credits: YouTube Screenshot.

A San Antonio, Texas ballot harvesting racket continues to be exposed in undercover video gathered by Project Veritas journalists.

On Tuesday, footage was released showing a ballot chaser and consultant for GOP House candidate Maura Garza named Raquel Rodriguez admitting she is changing people’s votes to help Democrats.

Rodriguez even admitted on camera that she “could go to jail” for the illegal activity.

Wednesday, Project Veritas dropped another video of Rodriguez making more incriminating comments.

In the newly released hidden camera footage, she describes judges and city council members paying her and others to “make sure their names are on the ballot.”

Helping elect Mauro Garza, the Republican House hopeful for Texas’ 20th District, is one of Rodriguez’s top goals. 

She said Garza “Was paying me $5,000 a month, but now he’s paying me $8,000 a month, why? Because I took on his extra jobs.”

Despite working for a GOP House candidate, Rodriguez is openly anti-Trump and says she stands with Biden and Democratic Senate candidate Mary Jennings “MJ” Hegar.

“Yeah, I’m getting the Biden vote out, but I mean I’m not going to do it for free–in other words if they don’t pay me, I’m like excuse me?” she told an undercover journalist.

“I’m against Trump. OK. I’m with Biden and I’m with Hegar. That’s the truth,” she continued. “I’ve got three Democrats; three Republicans and the rest are Democrats.”

Some of these “Republicans” are allegedly “undercover” because they’re secretly working to help Biden and the Democrats turn Texas blue.

“My people are undercover because some of them are Republicans,” she revealed. “Some of them are Democrats. Some of them are just wanting to get the right people in office, so some of the Republicans are precinct chairs that cannot be known because they could get kicked out, but they want to help Biden–and so that’s how they’re helping me.”

Rodriguez named three local judges who are supposedly each paying her thousands of dollars to “make sure that their name is on the ballot.”

“So, those three judges that you’re talking about, and that’s her name? Renee Yanta, Nicole Garza, right? They’re paying me $3,500. Me, $3,500 to make sure that their name is on the ballot,” she boasted.

Yanta is a Republican and Garza is a Democrat.

Continuing to brag, Rodriguez said, “Renee Yanta, she’s running for [judge], so the thing is, I’m going to have people like that with me, like in my pocket, you know what I’m saying?”  

Speaking about the groundbreaking admissions, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe said, “Raquel Rodriguez boasts about all the other political power brokers who are in her pocket and she told our journalists she has already brought in 7,000 votes.”

“If Rodriguez is truly responsible for 7,000 votes delivered in Bexar County so far, it is a stunning example of how fragile our republic has become,” he added. 

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced on Monday that an Election Fraud Unit will be investigating the Raquel Rodriguez ballot harvesting operation in Bexar County.

“What’s shown in the video is shocking and should alarm all Texans who care about election integrity,” Paxton said. “We are aggressively investigating the serious allegations and potential crimes that Project Veritas’s documentary audio and video recordings shed light on today.”

Within 30 minutes of the video being posted to Twitter, the social media giant decided the admission of election meddling “included potentially sensitive content.”

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