Proposed Oregon Bill Calls For Normalization of Martial Law

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A bill introduced in the Oregon House of Representatives proposes granting extensive powers to the governor to exercise what essentially amounts to martial law in the state.

The recently-introduced House Bill 2238 summarizes the governor’s new authority under a declared emergency akin to a Communist directive, including broad powers to indefinitely seize private property, impose stringent price controls, and control resources and civil institutions.

Whenever the Governor has declared a state of emergency, the Governor may issue, amend and enforce rules and orders to:

1) Control, restrict, and regulate by rationing, freezing, use of quotas, prohibitions on shipments, price fixing, allocation or other means, the use, sale, and distribution of food, feed, fuel, clothing and other commodities, materials, and services;

2) Prescribe and direct activities in connection with use, conservation, salvage and prevention of waste of materials, services and facilities, including, but not limited to, production, transportation, power and communications facilities training, and supply of labor, utilization of industrial plants, health and medical care, nutrition, housing, rehabilitation, education, welfare, child care, recreation, consumer protection and other essential civil needs; and

3) Take any other action, including through the seizure, use or possession of any real or personal property, that may be necessary for the management of resources following an emergency.

The language of the bill is alarming, not least because Oregon’s Governor Kate Brown (D) is a blatant partisan who turned defended Antifa anarchists and Black Lives Matter militants attempting to burn down a federal courthouse last summer.

Brown even blamed the murder of a Trump supporter by Antifa in Portland on President Trump!

Read the proposed martial law bill:

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