Pub Stasi: UK Rent-a-Mob Patrol Streets to Check if Bars Are Open

Images show COVID enforcers peering through windows and letterboxes.

Images posted to Twitter show ‘COVID enforcers’ in London patrolling the streets peering into windows and letterboxes to ensure pubs and clubs are closed as part of the government’s draconian new coronavirus curfew.

As of last night, pubs and restaurants were required to close at 10pm, another crushing blow for the hospitality industry which is already on its knees thanks to COVID hysteria.

Newly empowered ‘Marshals’ and ‘Environmental Health Officers’ have been empowered to roam the streets looking for people violating social distancing rules.

“Strange sight – City Inspectors, working through Soho, looking for illegal speakeasies open after the 10pm cutoff,” tweeted Dan Barker.

One image actually shows a ‘city inspector’ opening and peering through a letterbox to check how many people are inside.

The government has introduced the measures off the back of media scaremongering about rising coronavirus cases, despite the fact that deaths and hospitalizations have flatlined and numerous warnings that the massive increase in testing is producing an overwhelming number of false positives.

Befitting the new Stasi-like mentality, Brits are also being encouraged by the government to snitch on their own neighbors for violating social distancing.

Uniformed officers are also intercepting people on the streets “to remind them of their responsibility to keep themselves and others safe to minimise the spread of #Covid-19.”

As we previously highlighted, Brits are now also being arrested on the streets for not wearing masks.

However, there just aren’t enough rent-a-mobs and cops to patrol 60 million people, which is why the general public is being told to spy on each other.

When this fails, don’t be surprised when the government introduces special bonuses and financial benefits for grassing up other members of the community.

Report your neighbor for not wearing a mask and get 10 per cent off your next council tax bill.


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