Racist College Karens Triggered Over White Student’s “Police Lives Matter” Laptop Sticker

Delusional, indoctrinated leftists claim the sticker is an act of "violence"

Image Credits: Reddit Screenshot r/PublicFreakout.

A pair of students at Arizona State University filmed proudly as they harassed a man for displaying a “Police Lives Matter” sticker on his laptop.

“You’re offensive. Police lives matter?” the girl filming asked.

Another student who was studying with the guy who had the “Police Lives Matter” sticker started to film in astonishment.

Continuing to berate the two men trying to study, the woman filming said, “So anyways, this is the violence that ASU does, and this is the type of people that they protect. This white man thinks he can take up our space.”

When one of the men told the women they could find someone to kick him out, they explained, “We’re not kicking you out, we’re asking you to leave if you have any consideration for people of color.”

Next, the ladies accused the man with the pro-law enforcement sticker of being “racist” because police “kill people like” them.

At this point, another student in the room chimed in and asked the angry women how the sticker was causing them distress.

The upset pair of girls ignored the man and instead told the boys that they worked for five years to get the “multicultural space” to be developed.

Of course, a truly multicultural space would be open to white people as well as others, but these college students clearly think it means no whites are allowed.

The student who joined in after witnessing the incident told the women, “They’re just sitting here to study, and you guys went out of your way to inconvenience them.”

Admitting the man’s accusation was true, the ladies responded, “Yeah! Because this is our space. We fought for this shit for five years.”

“Point, the camera over here,” the man with the sticker eventually told the girls. “Fuck you,” he said when they obliged.

The liberal ladies predictably cried “racism” after the angry guy finally told them off, saying, “This is a white man telling black people ‘fuck you,’ cussing out black people, you just proved yourself.”

When the dust settled, the woman filming turned the camera toward herself and told her viewers how she valiantly battled “white supremacists” in order to “protect the space.”

Her counterpart chimed in, saying violence was committed against her by the sticker that read “Police Lives Matter.”

When the guys threatened to go to the school’s dean over the harassment, the ladies put the college on notice, telling the camera, “We’ll see how the dean reacts to this. Now we’ll see who ASU prioritizes, students of color, in our only fucking room in this campus, or white cis men who are threatening black students by saying, ‘Police lives matter.’”

The brainwashed students got a good laugh out of one of the men being harassed telling them, “America is one of the least racist countries.”

This is what happens to your children when you spend tens of thousands of dollars to send them to American universities.

Activist and commentator, CJ Pearson, joins Owen Shroyer on the War Room to discuss white liberals, the Afghanistan situation, and going to college in 2021.