Radical Islam, Not ‘White Supremacism’, Is the Biggest Terrorism Threat in Europe, French Minister Declares

Image Credits: KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP via Getty Images.

Radical Sunni Islam is the single biggest terrorism threat facing Europe, a senior French minister has reaffirmed.

Gérald Darmanin, France’s Minister of the Interior, has declared that radical Sunni Islam is the single biggest terror threat facing Europe.

The minister made the claim ahead during a visit to the United States to discuss plans for the Paris Olympics next year, emphasising that the sports tournament posed a significant security challenge for his nation.

During an interview with the AFP, Darmanin said that he urged authorities in the U.S. to tighten their security relationship with France, with the minister saying that collaboration between French and American intelligence would be an essential part of keeping people safe.

He also added that the U.S. needed to understand that it was radical Islam, not some sort of far-right ideology, that posed the largest terror risk to the games.

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