Rand Paul: Biden Has Been “Caught Red-Handed” Abusing Spy Powers

"We now know at the very least Vice President Biden was in this up to his eyeballs."

Image Credits: Win McNamee/Getty Images.

Senator Rand Paul declared Wednesday that Joe Biden has been “caught red handed” abusing surveillance powers to go after a political opponent.

Paul was recating to the news that Joe Biden is on the list of Obama officials who potentially received intelligence by way of unmasking requests against Mike Flynn, President Trump’s former national security advisor.

“Remember we went through this thing called impeachment?” Senator Paul stated at a briefing.

“They said President Trump was using the govt to go after a political opponent? This is VP Biden using the spying powers of the US to go after a political opponent.” Paul declared, adding “He’s caught red-handed here.”

“How unusual is this that the entire upper echelon — individually it wasn’t just one request for this, there were dozens of requests. Almost everyone in President Obama’s top circle wanted to see this and wanted to listen to this conversation.” Paul noted, responding to a question about criminal proceedings being pursued.

“This isn’t about national security, this is about eavesdropping on your opponent and eavesdropping on the new president’s top advisor. This is very, very troubling.” Paul continued.

The Senator note that the abuse of powers appears to have gone all the way to the top.

“This was being led by at least by Vice President Biden, if not [President Obama], and we need to get to the bottom of it to make sure it never happens again.” he said.

Paul warned that if it becomes the norm to abuse such powers, they can be used against everyday Americans.

“For the average American, they’re worried that this could happen to a top general like Flynn, but could you imagine this power being unharnessed on an ordinary American? How would we defend ourselves? he urged.

“This is incredibly troubling and shocking, that the previous administration, under President Obama, under Vice President Biden’s specific instruction, was eavesdropping on an American — an American advisor to the next president.” Paul proclaimed.

“If Vice President Biden and the president’s inner circle of advisors were all listening to a senior Trump advisor’s personal phone conversation, this would amount to a serious abuse of power. The only question remains is ‘What did President Obama know, and when did he know it?’” Paul questioned.

“We now know at the very least Vice President Biden was in this up to his eyeballs.” the Senator further told reporters.

Paul announced that he is inviting Acting Director of U.S. National Intelligence Richard Grenell, who released the list of Obama officials, to testify in the Senate.

In his basement, Joe Biden sighed his way through an interview, admitting that he was briefed on the Flynn investigation, immediately after claiming “I knew nothing”.

He can’t keep his story straight for one minute. Imagine if sleepy Joe had to testify.