Rand, Ron Paul Praise Trump’s Syria Withdrawal

President fulfilling promises to bring troops home

Image Credits: Delil Souleiman / AFP / Getty Images.

Rand and Ron Paul have both commended President Trump on his decision to withdraw troops from Syria.

Both father and son are known for their positions of non-interventionism, often denouncing aggressive U.S. foreign policy driven by the military-industrial complex for decades.

“This is a very bold move for President Trump,” Rand Paul said during an appearance on ‘America’s Newsroom.’ “It is exactly what he promised the American people. In fact, it is one of the reasons he won the election — because he is different from so many Republicans who want us to be everywhere all the time around the world. They want us to be the world policeman, that every war on the planet we have to have our soldiers involved with.”

“President Trump said he was going to treat America first. I think bringing some of that money home, whether it goes towards border security or building bridges or roads in our country.”

Rand acknowledged that while the President’s move will be unpopular with the Washington establishment, the American people will overwhelmingly support bringing the troops home.

Correspondingly, in an interview with RT, Ron Paul was asked his opinion on the Syria withdrawal.

“I think it is very good because I don’t think that we have a moral or a constitutional justification to declare that our national security depends on us having troops and interfering in how this problem in Syria is settled,” Ron said.

“And Trump, although he has his ups and downs, I think that he has taken a good position, he said he wanted to get out of Syria, he said in the campaign, he said that ISIS is not a threat there and it’s time to come home. And I just want it to be complete.”

Ron also called for a complete pullout of U.S. intelligence agencies and Special Forces, while also not imposing sanctions on the Assad government or offering any foreign aid — a clean break from the war-torn region.

“Yes, move the troops out, a couple thousand troops,” Ron said. “But I want to make sure that the CIA’s out and the special forces are out and that we don’t use sanctions. And that we move in that direction where we just have hands off and deal with diplomacy in getting along with people.”

“But in that philosophy that I just spoke, it also means no foreign aid. Our problem is if we dominate and militarize a country, then we finance all that.”

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