Razor Wire Added to San Diego Border Fence

Migrant crisis at southern border intensifies

Image Credits: Alfredo Estrella / AFP / Getty Images.

Razor wire has been installed on the fence separating San Diego from Tijuana, Mexico, in an effort to deter migrants from climbing or crossing the barrier.

Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman Katie Waldman shared photos of upgrades to the border fence after a stand-off between US authorities and migrants unfolded earlier this week, with many young men scaling the metal barrier, sitting on top of it, and in at least one case, jumping over it while taunting law enforcement.

The photos show that razor wire has been deployed at the top and bottom of the fence, with an additional layer positioned on the beach as an added deterrent.

Photos: Department of Homeland Security

“As we have said repeatedly, being a member of a caravan doesn’t give you any special rights to enter the country,” Waldman said, referring to the migrant caravans that have been traveling from Central America to the U.S. border.

Many of the new migrants congregating in Tijuana say they are the first arrivals from the first major caravan, having made their way ahead of the main group of thousands who are following close behind, U.S. Border Patrol said in a news release.

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol shared video to social media portraying their efforts to harden the barrier, with Sector Chief Patrol Agent Rodney Scott warning potential border jumpers they will face stiff consequences for their actions.

“We’ve spent years securing the border here in San Diego, and we’re not going to let groups of people just show up and run us over,” Agent Scott said. “We are ready and will do our job and will make sure everyone is arrested and prosecuted.”

Aerial footage shot by Fox 5 San Diego on Wednesday morning showed migrants still climbing on and around the fence.

Despite mainstream media’s claims to the contrary, migrants can be seen jumping over the border fence on to US soil in video shot by a citizen journalist earlier this week.

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