Real Politically Motivated Hate Crime Caught On Camera?

Conservative student attacked on college campus

Image Credits: Screenshot.

A conservative student was attacked on the UC Berkeley campus Tuesday while recruiting members for Turning Point USA (TPUSA).

The physical assault was caught on camera and sent to TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk who Tweeted it out, saying, “Imagine if the attacker was wearing a MAGA hat.”

The video is going viral online as many point out the irony of the attack taking place amid the current scandal revolving around Empire actor Jussi Smollett’s fake political hate crime.

Will the latest in a string of attacks against Trump supporters be covered by mainstream media?

Assaults against Trump supporters are extremely common as Kirk told Breitbart News, “Our Turning Point USA students on over 1,400 campuses experience this type of hate almost daily.”

“We will not back down to the Leftist inspired hate mob that wants to silence us,” he added.

The student who recorded the altercation said, “a couple of people were really getting into the [TPUSA] guy’s face. Then, one of them flipped the table over. That was when I started filming. It all happened very quickly.”

After flipping the table and punching the TPUSA member in the face, the angry man called him a “racist little ignorant bitch” and punched him again before storming off and screaming, “Fucking cunt!”

Charlie Kirk, Kimberly Guilfoyle and others have suggested the attacker was a leftist who was triggered by the pro-Trump group’s opinions.

Twitter is already exploding with reactions to the alleged anti-conservative assault.

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