Refugee Rapes 12-Year-Old Girl – “Didn’t Know It Was Illegal”

Offender not scheduled for deportation

Image Credits: Creative Commons Zero - CC0 / Max Pixel.

A 12-year-old Swedish girl was raped by a refugee who claimed he didn’t know the act was illegal.

The crime occurred a year ago and the police effectively ignored the case, as exposed by a Swedish journalist.

“My comment on the verdict is that it is shameful that it should take almost a year before a 12-year-old girl gets some kind of redress,” said the journalist.

The rapist is “officially” 17 and will face six months in what Sweden calls a “youth detention” and is not scheduled for deportation.

“As far as the rapist is concerned, it has been found that he has caused a lot of crap for many people during the short period of time he has been in Sweden,” the journalist added. “However, he still has to remain a matter of course according to the system we have in the current Swedish justice system.”

Sweden’s immigration policy is the subject of controversy as it was recently reported their policy is exploited by migrants lying about their age for increased benefits and residence permits.

Correspondingly, immigration has now become Sweden’s number one issue among its voters.