Report: Antifa Working With Florida County Official to Doxx Protesters Against Vaccine Mandates

Hundreds attempted to demand an end to mandatory vaccine mandates in Orange County, Florida on Monday afternoon

Image Credits: Jacob Engels.

After Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings announced that he would be requiring all Orange County employees receive the experimental COVID-19 vaccinations, over 200 local residents marched on the County Administration building to stand against the unconstitutional mandates.

Demings, a Democrat elected official and husband of Trump impeachment manager Congresswoman Val Demings, has also reinstated mask mandates for citizens in Orange County, even if they are vaccinated.

The protest was organized by congressional candidates William Montague and Jeremy Liggett, who coordinated with local America First groups. They have launched an effort to recall Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings and have also called on him to resign immediately for his tyrannical abuses of power.

When the protestors attempted to enter the County Administrative building they were blocked by law enforcement and shoved out of the security checkpoint. Despite one law enforcement official actively threatening Willie Montague and physically engaging another peaceful protester, attendees continued their protest in front of the building for another hour.

Local media have since done their best to portray the protest as an insurrection and are falsely claiming that protestors attempted to “storm” the building, when they were simply trying to address their elected officials and enter a public meeting in a county building they pay for as taxpayers.

Following the protest, a known Antifa Twitter account posted photos of this journalist and others from inside the security checkpoint, meaning that an Orange County employee is actively coordinating with a member of the domestic terrorist group. Another member of Antifa was actively photographing protestors and confirmed that he planned on using the photos to doxx or otherwise harass people online.

Montague told Infowars that he plans on continuing these protests and the recall effort until Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings repeals the mandate or resigns from office.

Co-organizer Jeremy Liggett, an Army veteran said that he will continue to stand against forced vaccinations, citing the 2nd Amendment as the best protection against government officials attempting to mandate American citizens be subjected to the experimental vaccine.