Report: Five Terrorists Killed in Somalia’s “Quiet War”

Latest from front lines of a war few Americans know of

Image Credits: MOHAMED ABDIWAHAB / Getty.

The U.S. Africa Command announced Monday that five suspected terrorists were killed in Somalia over the weekend, when a missile fired from a U.S. drone hit their vehicle.

It’s the latest report from the front lines of a war that few Americans are paying attention to, but where some 500 U.S. troops, including special operations commandos, are working with the Somali military to battle al-Shabaab, the al Qaeda affiliate.

The counterterrorism mission has been going on for five years, during which U.S. troops have partnered with AMISOM (African Union Mission to Somalia) troops and Somali National Security Forces in operations to target terrorists, their training camps and their safe havens throughout Somalia and the region.

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