Report: Illegal Nevada Voters Told to Register AFTER Casting Ballots

Image Credits: Whistleblower.

A Nevada DMV whistleblower says people who weren’t registered to vote were allowed to vote anyway, and then were told to register to vote by Friday so election officials could claim their ballots were legit.

According to the whistleblower, people without a Nevada driver’s license or ID card were allowed to vote but were told to go to their nearest DMV by Friday for an expedited DL or ID card so they could be “registered” to vote.

In Nevada, a driver’s license/ID card application also serves as a voter registration application.

“If you receive any calls like this, please inform the customer they will need to go to the nearest DMV office to complete the transaction,” reads an internal DMV memo shared by the whistleblower. “Per Field Services Administrator’s they [sic] customers will be assisted and not turned away.”

“PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT SEND THESE PEOPLE AWAY. We have reports that staff just sent people away without reporting this to anyone. Get these customers in. We had no idea this was / is occurring. Julie is following up with the Governor’s office.”

Per Nevada law, voters must be registered to vote BEFORE the election. They cannot register to vote after election day, which is what this memo is advocating.

Nevada does allow same-day voter registration, but the voter must bring a driver’s license or ID card to the voting booth to do so.

This law collaborates with the above memo; people were showing up to vote without a driver’s license or ID card and thus they couldn’t register to vote on election day.

If confirmed, this would explain why some Nevada counties has been so slow to count ballots – and this should certainly be sent to the Trump campaign for investigation.

The last, highlighted part of the memo is also very revealing: why would the Nevada DMV be so concerned about expediting people’s voter registrations after the election?

That’s for you to decide.