Remember The Alamo? Statue Honoring Mexican Dictator Santa Anna Reportedly Proposed for Historic Site

Preservation groups claim Texas Land Office pushed for statue commemorating commander of Mexican Army who led slaughter of Texans

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Politicians in Texas last week scrambled to tamp down rumors claiming they planned to erect statues honoring the Mexican Army and its commander Santa Anna near the Alamo historical site.

The notion spread after a December 4 Historic Design and Review Commission meeting where about 50 Texans interested in preserving the Alamo’s iconic cenotaph monument were in attendance.

According to preservation group Save the Alamo, a Texas General Land Office consultant, working under Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, stated at the meeting that there were plans to honor people on both sides of the battle, including Santa Anna, as part of their “reimagine the Alamo” project.

“And at the point the crowd just went into an uproar and they shut up about that real quick and didn’t mention that again,” Save the Alamo founder Rick Range described, speaking exclusively to Infowars.

Save the Alamo uploaded the intel to their Facebook page last Tuesday.

On Wednesday, George P. Bush released a statement claiming his office never proposed the idea, and that those claiming he wanted a Santa Anna statue were racists targeting him over his Mexican heritage.

“One must ask themselves, why am I being accused of honoring the murderous dictator Santa Anna?” Bush wrote in a post uploaded to social media, alongside a screenshot of the Save the Alamo Facebook post. “Is it because my mother (now a naturalized citizen) is from Mexico? I was born in Houston, my wife is from San Angelo, and my boys were born-you guessed it- here in Texas.”

“As a United States Navy Veteran, who deployed to Afghanistan, I know exactly what it means to be loyal to the American flag, this country and this great state,” the son of Jeb! Bush continued. “The idea that I would EVER place a statue of Santa Anna at the Alamo is patently false. Enough is enough. This is an outright lie, and is quite frankly, flat out racist.”

Democrat San Antonio city councilman Roberto Trevino also told local media that claims of the statue’s proposal were “baseless and downright ridiculous.”

“To the best of my knowledge, there is no statue of Santa Anna in Mexico, and there will surely not be one in San Antonio,” Trevino told The Rivard Report. “Among the information and rumors being spread about he plan for the Alamo, this might be one of the most obscene. We are honoring our history; we are honoring the truth; we are honoring freedom. Erecting a statue of Santa Anna does none of these things.”

Range, who ran against and lost to Bush in the Republican primary for Texas Land Commissioner in 2018, insists Bush is being dishonest.

“I would trust the word of these patriotic citizens that were at the meeting – there were over 50 of them – I would trust their word any day over George P. Bush and his outfit, because they have just told lie after lie,” Range told Infowars.

Range says Bush’s use of the race card is “the last refuge of a whiny crybaby caught with his pants down.”

“No, I was not personally there, but over fifty other people were and they heard the remarks about Santa Anna and the Mexican Army made by one of the consultant members of Bush’s design team,” Range said in a response shared Friday on Facebook. “I would believe the patriotic people in the crowd any day over George P. Bush.”

Range adds that the Santa Anna proposal goes right in line with previous statements made by Bush’s “Reimagine” co-conspirator San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg, who revealed that the city looked to honor people on both sides of the conflict.

“I think everyone who shed blood in the defense of liberty and the things that they believe in, on both sides, ought to be honored, and that’s exactly what the intent of this redevelopment plan is,” Nirenberg once stated during a KTSA radio interview.

For Range, the controversy is more evidence of the dire need to save the Alamo from the disastrous revision plan seeking to revamp the famous Texas landmark with a politically correct twist.

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His organization, as well as the Alamo Defenders Descendants Association, the This is Texas Freedom Force and other preservation groups, have been fighting to keep the site’s 60-foot tall cenotaph monument in place.

The re-development plan would relocate the giant monument, installed in 1940 and dedicated to the Texas defenders – many of whom are buried around the Alamo – several hundred feet south and far off Alamo grounds.

According to Range, one restoration expert he’s consulted says any attempt to relocate the cenotaph could result in it being irreparably damaged.

As the cenotaph essentially serves as a tombstone, Range hopes Texas’ unverified cemetery laws will tie Reimagine up in court long enough to stave off the plan.

As for evidence of the Santa Anna comments, Range tells Infowars the General Land Office taped the meeting, but deleted the section where the crowd got upset and the statue was mentioned.

In the meantime, Texans interested in helping reject the cenotaph relocation plan are encouraged to attend the next San Antonio Historic Design and Review Commission meeting on Wednesday, December 18 at 1PM.

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Democratic legislators in Texas are planning to erect statues in honor of the Mexican army at the famed Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes & Texas Rep. Kyle Biedermann join Alex in-studio to discuss solutions to this proposed tribute to tyranny.

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