Report: Trump Weighing Private Spy Networks To Fight Deep State Enemies

“Pompeo can’t trust the CIA bureaucracy, so we need to create this thing that reports just directly to him,” said former senior U.S. intelligence official

Image Credits: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.

The Trump administration is reportedly weighing proposals for a global, private spy network that would evade U.S. intelligence agencies and report directly to the White House and CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

The plans have been developed by Blackwater founder Erik Prince and CIA veteran John R. Maguire, with help from Oliver North, who played a prominent role in the Iran Contra scandal, The Intercept reported late Monday.

Several current and former U.S. intelligence officials and others familiar with the proposals said it’s been pitched to the White House as a way to combat “deep state” enemies who want to undermine President Trump.

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