Reporter Documents One Robbery & One Overdose Within Hours In Democrat ‘Nightmare City’ Portland

Locals speak out on the deteriorating state of the Democrat stronghold

Image Credits: sav says .

Savanah Hernandez hit the streets of Portland, Oregon to find out how the city’s decision to decriminalize hard drugs has changed things for locals.

In just one day of filming, Hernandez and her camera person captured footage of a man stealing ice cream from a local shop and another man overdosing on drugs.

At the beginning of the video, Hernandez talked with a homeless man who uses fentanyl “every day” and filmed him smoking fentanyl pills.

Next, during another interview, a mentally ill homeless man walked out of a local shop with a pint of ice cream and threw it at a woman trying to stop him.

When Hernandez talked with the store owner, she explained someone tried to steal from her every day.

Later, another homeless man was seen sprawled out on the sidewalk with a needle by his side while a homeless woman dug through his pockets as he overdosed on a drug.

When police and medics arrived, an officer told Hernandez, “With drug decriminalization, usually what I can do is I can give him a citation and give him references for drug treatment, but I can’t arrest him anymore and can’t force any treatment upon them. So, this is how it’s been going downtown.”

A local woman who was willing to talk with Hernandez claimed her neighborhood is “safer than others” but that it’s still pretty bad.

She explained that it’s common for people’s cars to be stolen and for homes to be broken into in broad daylight, and even said some vehicles had been taken while children were inside.

The local said the city has also stopped enforcing normal traffic violations like speeding or driving without a license plate.

This report should be a warning to all Americans considering voting for Democrat politicians in the upcoming midterm elections as their policies are solely responsible for the destruction of once-great U.S. cities like Portland, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York and countless others.