Republican Goes From Losing Re-Election to Winning It After “Technical Glitch”

Image Credits: hermosawave / Getty.

In what may foreshadow the ultimate result of the 2020 presidential election, a Republican in Michigan went from losing his re-election race to winning it after election officials admitted there was a “technical glitch.”

Rep. Adam Kochenderfer went to bed thinking he had lost his seat on the 21-member Board of Commissioners by only 104 votes, but state officials later admitted that seven precinct results from one county had been counted twice, presumably for his Democratic challenger.

When the results were recounted for Oakland Co., Kochenderfer actually won his re-election by over 1100 votes.

“While I’m grateful for the outcome, we should conduct a thorough review of our system to prevent this from happening again,” Kochenderfer stated.

Doing damage control, Democratic county officials urged voters to have “confidence” in the system because the corrected error “proved” that their “process of checks and balances” worked, but the error shouldn’t have happened in the first place, and this sounds more like something they would say to dispute the notion that Michigan was stolen from Donald Trump due to election fraud.

Why not admit an incorrect tally in a local race that doesn’t affect the balance of power of the country, especially if they can spin it to make themselves look like the saviors?