Resistance Plans “Baby Trump” Balloon Tour For US

Failed UK protest inspires American copycats

Image Credits: Edward Crawford/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images.

American anti-Trump activists plan to expand on a UK protest concept that launched a balloon depicting President Trump as a baby in a diaper during his state visit.

Two New Jersey Democrats are spearheading the plan to fly four ‘Baby Trump’ balloons around the United States, and nearly $24,000 has been raised to make their dreams a reality.

Didier Jiminez-Castro and Jim Girvan, who also organized the ‘People’s Motorcade,’ are hoping to deploy their balloons from “coast-to-coast, border-to-border,” in an effort to agitate President Trump.

“The baby Trump is not just a piece of humor, but it is also a symbol of the administration. It’s symbolic of the children that are in cages, it’s a symbol of racism, and we know that he hates to be ridiculed,” Jiminez-Castro told

“Our goal is to make Baby Trump available to various locations around the country,” the group explains on their GoFundMe page. “Dozens of locations have reached out to us. Therefore, we are building a team to manage the tour to make sure that Baby gets as much exposure as possible. We will be reaching out to organized Resistance groups to help with this effort. In acknowledgment of the creative investment made by our compatriots in the UK, we are working closely with them to use their design and not a knockoff.”

However, FAA regulations could hinder the scheme, as temporary flight restrictions are imposed across a radius of 10 nautical miles wherever the President is located.

“As long as it’s at 150 feet or under, tethered at all times, and they have the ability to deflate if the tether comes loose, they’re OK,” said Secret Service agent Mark McKevitt.

During President Trump’s first state visit to the United Kingdom in early July, protesters flew a much-hyped ‘Trump Baby blimp,’ which was roundly ridiculed as a failed project of un-epic proportions.

“The widely heralded Trump baby balloon protest in London fell flat as many were left wondering what the organizers had spent £30,000 on,” wrote Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson. “The Trump baby blimp received endless mainstream media coverage in the run-up to Trump’s UK visit, yet was airborne for less than two hours and appeared tiny amidst the London skyline.”

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