Return of The Gay Frogs and Humanity’s Extinction

Alex Jones explains the truth behind the famous meme and how it portends a larger depopulation agenda against humanity.

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Now that the Gay Frog meme has entered the realm of legendary status, Alex Jones looks back on why his famous rant became so popular, and what it means for the future of our species.

“A decade ago when I talked about chemicals in the water turning the frogs gay, the media only took a short clip out of a 30-plus minute report where I laid out university studies and documents from South Africa, the U.S., Europe, you name it, that Atrazine alone in the water was making the frogs hermaphroditic: both male and female,” Jones said.

“And that male frogs were attracted to other male frogs, so that those populations of frogs and toads were collapsing, dying out. In some cases, becoming extinct.”

“And this same chemical is bombarding us,” Jones continued. “The globalists are purposely putting similar chemicals in the plastics, and that’s why fertility and sperm counts have dropped.”

“There is not a more important issue to focus on and understand than this because it’s all about depopulation,” he concluded.