Reuters: Louisville Protests Were ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Until Shots ‘Rang Out’ Amidst ‘Skirmish’ Between ‘Protesters’ And ‘Heavily Armed Police’

Did the guns fire themselves?

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

Reuters responded to news of cops being shot in Louisville on Wednesday night by claiming the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots were “mostly peaceful” protests until gunshots “rang out” in the midst of a “skirmish” between “protesters” and “heavily armed police.”

One could read such a line and assume it was “heavily armed police” who attacked and shot “peaceful” protesters.

According to Reuters:

– The well-organized riots were “demonstrations” which were “mostly peaceful”

– Gunshots “rang out” (did the guns fire themselves?) rather than were fired by a rioter at police

– The gunshots were fired amidst a “skirmish” between “protesters” and “heavily armed police”

The tweet was sent out at 9:55 pm EST, an hour after the details of the shooting had become abundantly clear and police sources had already confirmed that two officers were shot and hospitalized.

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