Revolver Founder Darren Beattie on Jones Verdict: ‘The Cost of Free Speech is One BILLION Dollars’

Revolver News editor-in-chief says Sandy Hook verdict intended to have chilling effect on free speech.

Image Credits: Rumble screenshot.

Revolver News editor-in-chief and former Trump speechwriter Darren Beattie broke down why he thinks Alex Jones’ billion dollar Sandy Hook verdict is intended to have a chilling effect on free speech.

Reacting to the verdict on Steve Bannon’s War Room Thursday, Beattie outlined why the verdict is meant to silence those speaking out against the totalitarian left.

“You know how they say free speech isn’t free – well, I think we just learned what it costs: Free speech costs $1 billion,” Beattie said.

“If you want to speak against the regime and any regime narrative, you gotta pay up, you’ll be destroyed – that’s the message that this sends. And if you have video proof of what you claim the regime is doing then they’ll kill you like they’re doing to Assange. So in that respect, Alex Jones is doing comparatively better.”

On Wednesday following the outrageous verdict, Beattie noted Jones’ excessive fine is proof the regime can sue you into oblivion if they dislike what you’re saying.