Rhode Island Infiltrated By Communism – Watch

Can the state be saved?

Image Credits: banned.video.

Apparently, Rhode Island is a quasi-Communist state.

How the legislation submitted by State Senator Sam Bell lies within the confines of the U.S. Constitution is anybody’s guess.

Democrat State Senator Sam Bell recently submitted a punitive bill ordering all Rhode Island residents and taxpayers over 16-years-old to receive the Great Reset’s COVID-19 injection and boosters causing an epidemic of heart attacks and death mandated by the state’s director of the department of health.

The legislation reads like a plank of Communism, stating:

This act would mandate all residents sixteen (16) years or older to be vaccinated against COVID-19. If a resident is under sixteen (16) years of age the resident would be required to be immunized against COVID-19, with the responsibility for ensuring compliance falling on all parents or guardians with medical consent powers. Additionally any person who violates this chapter would be required to pay a monthly civil penalty of fifty dollars ($50.00) and would owe twice the amount of personal income taxes.

Three different Doctors will have to state on record that the child is “not fit for immunization” In order for parents to receive an exemption for a minor. And the child themselves will have to sign the form. The state’s health department will have the power to investigate any petition for exemption. Bell stand sby his totalitarianism claiming a survey conducted by Harvard, Northeastern, Northwestern and Rutgers Universities proves that 65% of residents support the statewide vaccine mandate.

In 2018, Senator Sam Bell was the first member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) to be elected to the Rhode Island General Assembly. Bell is mostly known for an investigation that resulted in the NRA being forced to shut down its Rhode Island political action committee.

There is a rally against this disciple of Communism for Rhode Islanders on May 14th. Don’t sit back and allow the agents of George Soros destroy your natural rights.