RINO Mitt Romney, Establishment Dems Blast Alex Jones Following Sandy Hook Trial

'What he did was reprehensible and the jury saw it that way,' RINO senator stated.

Image Credits: Infowars.com.

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) blasted radio host Alex Jones following a jury’s $49 million verdict last week, saying the Infowars founder, who’s frequently been critical of Romney, got what he deserved.

Speaking to the liberal rag Raw Story on Sunday, the failed Republican presidential candidate claimed Jones’ case demonstrated “there is a human cost to lying and spreading falsehoods.”

“What he did was reprehensible and the jury saw it that way,” the RINO senator stated.

According to Romney, there is no amount of money that could atone for Jones’ unforgivable sins.

Romney stated “that money can’t ever fully compensate for what the families have dealt with over the past ten years,” reports Raw Story.

Of course, Romney’s opinion of Jones’ case may be slightly biased as he’s been a target of Jones rants on numerous occasions.

Back in 2012 when Romney was facing off against incumbent Democrat Barack Obama in the presidential election, Jones refused to back either candidate and labeled Romney a lying, flip-flopping puppet for the New World Order.

Jones was also deeply critical of Romney throughout the presidency of Donald Trump, as the Utah Sen. repeatedly worked to oppose Trump at every opportunity.

A handful of Democrats also agreed Jones’ verdict in the Sandy Hook show trial, with failed Hillary Clinton vice presidential prospect Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) claiming Jones’ case shows a need to “regulate speech.”

“We still need to figure out a way to appropriately regulate speech that is designed to foment violence,” Kaine told Raw Story, evidently under the false impression Jones’ speech fomented violence.

He went on: “I was extremely happy to see that this was the court’s ruling because the guy is irresponsible. He’s just about himself and getting attention. He doesn’t care who he hurts. You gotta worry about the effects of your actions on people. People who see a ruling like that will start to guard their own actions. But, again, I don’t think jury verdicts are enough. I think more needs to be done.”

Kaine has himself also been a target of Jones’ ire, with the Infowars founder frequently calling out Kaine’s race-based politics.

Additionally, Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) commented to Raw Story calling Jones a “despicable human being,” evidently unafraid of being sued for defaming the Infowars host’s character, and said a video of a reporter being gunned down in cold blood should be scrubbed from YouTube.

“The suffering these families have go through, it’s not just perpetrators of lies, I think about reporter Alice Parker in Virginia, who got shot on air,” Warner told Raw Story, adding Jones should be sued out of existence.

“The family is still trying to get YouTube to take the video down on a regular basis. So, I hope they, in terms of Jones, I believe every nickel he’s worth, his family’s worth — to spend. The thing has got to be consequences for malicious actions.”

With the “T-rex of political talk” seemingly on the ropes, it’s clear the establishment would like to see Jones fully crucified and is already taking a victory lap in anticipation of the demise of one of their biggest political enemies.

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