Robber’s Bullet Misses Armed Store Clerk by Inches Before He Returns Deadly Fire

Parolee attempted to pass counterfeit bill before shooting at cashier, police say

Image Credits: Raymond Boyd/Getty Images.

A Texas store clerk is fortunate to be alive after a shootout with a robbery suspect whose bullet missed the armed employee by “inches” before he returned deadly fire, police say.

The suspect reportedly attempted to pass a $20 counterfeit bill at a corner shop in Houston before opening fire on the employee.

“The clerk called out the fake currency, and then the suspect made his way into the clerk’s secured area,” KHOU reports, citing police who “believe the gunman fired at least one shot, missing the clerk by just inches.”

The shop worker then pulled his own firearm and shot the assailant multiple times, killing him.

“Luckily and fortunately for the convenience store clerk, he had a gun with him. He was able to return fire,” said House Police Sergeant Joshua Horn. “The suspect or the robber collapsed here at the store. He was transported to the hospital where he died later.”

“As of right now, it appears this shooting is completely justified.”

The suspect was reportedly a parolee who served time for another robbery last year.

The shop clerk told police he had never fired a gun before the incident.

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