Robert Barnes Joins Infowars In-Studio for Powerful Interview on the Collapsing State of the Justice System

Weaponization of the law being used to get rid of Constitutional rights for good

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Constitutional attorney Robert Barnes of joined The Alex Jones Show Monday to break down the state of the failing U.S. justice system and the destruction of the American Constitution.

First, Jones and Barnes discussed the unprecedented way Jones has been treated in Sandy Hook lawsuits held in both Texas and Connecticut.

“The justice system is on trial,” Barnes said of the cases. “What they never understood is, why did the show trials fail in places like communist Cuba, in places like the Soviet Union, in places like Stasi Germany, places like Nazi Germany? It’s because they thought people had confidence in the outcome of a case simply because the appearance of a trial occurred.”

Jones and Barnes also touched on a lawsuit where an Amish farmer was raided by the federal government for selling milk to his neighbors.

Barnes is representing the farmer, Amos Miller, after he was fined over $300,000 for violating USDA regulations.

Talking about the government’s view of America’s Amish citizens, Barnes said, “They see this community creating food that people like, that they enjoy, and it makes them healthier. That terrifies big ag (agriculture).”

Jones pointed out, “So, if they wanted Soros marijuana or fentanyl it’d be fine, but if you want milk, or cheese, or eggs it’s over.”