Rock legend Meat Loaf cruelly mocked for his anti-mask and anti-vaccine mandate beliefs hours after he allegedly died from COVID

TMZ source claimed Meat Loaf died after falling 'seriously ill' with COVID-19

Image Credits: Jason Kempin/Getty Images.

Within hours of the singer Meat Loaf’s death on Thursday after a reported bout with COVID-19, some took to social media to mock his stances opposing mask and vaccine mandates.

Meat Loaf’s family and representatives have so far not confirmed either his cause of death or his vaccination status, but TMZ cited sources saying that he was ‘seriously ill with COVID’ when he passed.

Running with his stated opposition to mandates, many critics assumed that the famed singer was unvaccinated, and took the opportunity to heap scorn on him.

‘In the end, he finally let us know what that one thing was that he wouldn’t do for love: Get vaccinated,’ tweeted Gene Wu, a Democrat in the Texas state House of Representatives, referring to the lyrics of I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That).

‘Meat Loaf would do anything for love except get vaccinated,’ another Twitter user similarly tweeted.

Progressive activist Brianna Wu tweeted: ‘Not going to point out that he was an anti-mask science denier who had a very serious case of Covid. Not going to point out how he used his public platform to encourage others to ignore precautions. Just going to wish his family and loved ones comfort.’

‘But I think it’s entirely ethical to mock public figures who engage in destructive behavior with Covid and then die,’ added Wu.

Tech culture journalist Xeni Jardin tweeted that Meat Loaf ‘was a pandemic a**hole.’

‘If you were and are a fan? I get it, not mocking your love. But the dude was a d*** about the pandemic. Sounds like he f***ed around and found out,’ added Jardin. 

MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid was more circumspect, paying tribute to Meat Loaf’s performance in Rocky Horror Picture Show, which she called ‘gloriously campy and rude fun!’ 

She added: ‘His views on COVID vaccine mandates are feeling like yet another cautionary tale, but will just leave it at RIP and condolences.’ 

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