Rogan Asks CNN Doc Sanjay Gupta: “Does It Bother You Your Network Outright Lied About Me Taking Horse Dewormer?”

Podcast host forces network doctor to own CNN's blatant lies and disinformation.

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Podcast host Joe Rogan took guest Sanjay Gupta to the woodshed Wednesday, asking the CNN doctor point blank why his network lied about his ivermectin treatment.

During the show, Rogan managed to get Gupta to admit CNN lied when it claimed he took “horse dewormer” to treat his Covid-19 diagnosis.

Fox News reports on the tense exchange going viral:

“By the way, I’m glad you’re better,” Gupta said. 

“Thank you,” Rogan responded. “You’re probably the only one at CNN who’s glad … The rest of them are all lying about me taking horse medication.”

“That bothered you,” Gupta said, grinning. 

“It should bother you too,” Rogan shot back. “They’re lying at your network about people taking human drugs versus drugs for veterinary.”

“Calling it a ‘horse dewormer’ is not the most flattering thing, I get that,” Gupta conceded. 

“It’s a lie,” Rogan pushed back. “It’s a lie on a news network … and it’s a lie that they’re conscious of. It’s not a mistake. They’re unfavorably framing it as veterinary medicine.”

“Why would they lie and say that’s horse dewormer?” Rogan asked. “I can afford people medicine motherf—er. It’s ridiculous! It’s just a lie! Don’t you think that a lie like that is dangerous on a news network when you know that they know they’re lying? … Do you think that that’s a problem that your news network lies?”

“What did they say?” Gupta asked. 

The podcast host first told Gupta that his ivermectin was “prescribed to me by a doctor,” forciverng the CNN correspondent to say the drug “shouldn’t be called” horse dewormer. 

“Does it bother you that the network you work for out and out lied, just outright lied about me taking horse dewormer?” Rogan grilled Gupta. 

“They shouldn’t have said that,” Gupta admitted. 

“Why did they do that?” Rogan asked. 

“I don’t know,” Gupta responded. 

“You didn’t ask? You’re the medical guy over there!” Rogan exclaimed. 

“I didn’t ask,” Gupta said. “I should’ve asked before coming on this podcast.”

In late August, Rogan revealed he caught Covid-19 and successfully treated it with ivermectin and Regeneron among other medicines.

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