Rogan: ‘I Know Over 15 People That Have Had Serious Side Effects from the Vaccine’

Rogan says 'friend’s daughter got [vaccinated]. She was 14-years-old and just immediately respiratory failure. They put her in the ICU.'

Image Credits: Spotify screenshot / Tim Dillon Show.

Podcast host Joe Rogan admitted he personally knows over a dozen people who have suffered severe adverse reactions after receiving Covid mRNA jabs.

Discussing side effects from the jabs and Big Tech’s over-the-top censorship of vaccine injury testimonials, Rogan told comedian Tim Dillon that at least 15 people he’s familiar with have reported experiencing serious reactions ranging from menstrual changes to neurological issues.

“I know quite a few,” Rogan told Dillon. “Now I know over 15 people that have had, like, serious side effects of the vaccine… Menstrual issues, strokes, neurological disorders, chronic fatigue.”

Asked to describe the type of neurological disorders he was referring to, Rogan replied, “Like your whole body shaking… and you can’t do anything about it.”

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Rogan pointed out so many adverse reactions are being reported because hundreds of millions of vaccine doses are being distributed.

“The thing is, when you’re vaccinating hundreds of millions of people in this country alone, you’re going to get adverse side effects on any medication,” the UFC announcer said. “And they don’t really know [much] because the VAERS reports, it’s very underreported, and it’s hard to see whether or not it’s 100% accurate.”

People who suffer adverse reactions to vaccines are urged to submit reports of their injuries to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), but the system’s data has come under attack recently by pro-vaccine leftists who claim it’s rife with misinformation.

“But they seem to think that at a low number, like a conservative number, it’s like one per 1000,” Rogan estimates. “So if you vaccinate 1 million people, you’re going to have a lot of people that have adverse side effects.”

The immensely popular podcaster went on to point out social media companies are helping aid the cover-up by banning or censoring people who have real-world testimonials of adverse events.

“They [social media companies] suppress it. There was a kid on TikTok that had myocarditis and he was a high school kid, like an athlete. And he was in the hospital and it got millions and millions of plays. They removed it from TikTok because it doesn’t fit the narrative. Like that’s…That’s f*cked.”

Rogan was likely referring to Tennessee State University golf team member John Stokes, who was censored by TikTok after exceeding 4 million views with a video discussing how he suffered myocarditis four days after his second Pfizer dose.

“That is really an indication of a much larger problem,” Dillon told Rogan.

“Yes. The problem is they think they’re doing good,” Rogan responded.

Rogan submitted an additional testimony, saying, “I have a friend and one of his good friend’s daughter got it. She was 14-years-old and just immediately respiratory failure. They put her in the ICU. She’s f*cked.”

The Texas-based broadcaster also highlighted how pharmaceutical companies were once a distrusted institution looked on with skepticism by the American public.

“And you’re talking about these companies that have always, historically lied about adverse side effects in order to make profit. They’ve done it with Vioxx. They’ve done it with a bunch of other drugs.

“In the past, Pfizer is like one of the most fined companies.”

Rogan’s currently under fire for hosting vaccine-skeptical physicians like Dr. Peter McCullough, who advocates early treatment protocols for Covid-19, and Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology.

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