Roger Stone Was Right: The Same Deep State Behind the Assassination of JFK is Attempting to Take Down Trump

Trump adviser explains that Deep State cabal targets presidents who try to save America.

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Roger Stone joined The Alex Jones Show on the 110th birthday of Richard Nixon to break down the truth behind the Deep State’s attempts to take control of the people’s vote.

“The same people who killed John F. Kennedy, the same people who killed Robert Kennedy, are the same people who tried to take down Donald Trump. These were all the same people,” Stone told Alex Jones on Monday.

“It was the Democratic Party-mainstream media cabal.”

Stone went on to say that former President Richard Nixon hinted to him in confidence that former Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson may have been behind JFK’s assassination.

“It was 1998, we were in his apartment in New York City, and he made a couple of what he called his ‘Silver Bullets’…he mixed up a couple of them for us, and we were sitting there drinking, and when he began his second one, I asked him, ‘Mr. President, who really killed John Kennedy?’”

“He looked deeply in his drink, he looked up, and he said ‘Well, the Warren Commission was the biggest goddamn hoax in American history.’ I said, ‘Yeah, but who really killed Kennedy?’

“And he said, ‘Let me put it to you this way, Lyndon and I both wanted to be president. The difference was I wouldn’t kill for it.’ There you have it,” Stone concluded.

Roger Stone in September 2022 correctly predicted that Republicans would only manage to retake the House by a narrow margin, which could still be enough to turn the sinking ship that is America around: