Russian Parliament Invites Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg To Speak

Not everyone in Russian parliament is on board with bringing Zuckerberg in

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has had to venture out of Facebook’s California home base multiple times in recent months to explain himself to world government authorities. However, his most recent invitation from a world government is perhaps the most fascinating, even if the likelihood of Zuckerberg’s acceptance is low.

Speaker Valentina Matvienko vowed to try to summon Zuckerberg to speak in front of Russia’s Federation Council, according to the Moscow Times. The Federation Council is the upper house of Russia’s parliament made up of 170 senators.

One senator harkened back to Russian president Vladimir Putin’s call to “digitize” Russia’s economy. Anton Belyakov thinks it might be a good idea to hear from the Facebook CEO, given not only his technical expertise but his recent testimonies in front of American and European governments.

“After all, he spoke about information security, not giving access to personal data, preventing the dissemination of harmful content,” Belyakov said, according to the Moscow Times.

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