‘Sad’ Nancy Pelosi Smiles, Laughs While Signing Articles of Impeachment

House Speaker grinning from ear to ear while bringing forth partisan impeachment articles to Senate

Image Credits: @SteveGuest/Twitter.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi couldn’t contain her excitement when signing the two articles of impeachment against President Trump on Wednesday, just moments after lecturing America about the “sad, tragic” time for this nation.

“So sad, so tragic for our country that the actions taken by the president undermined our national security, to violate his oath of office, and to jeopardize the security of our elections, the integrity of our elections, has taken us to this place,” Pelosi said.

“So, today we will make history when the managers walk down the hallway, we will cross a threshold in history, delivering articles of impeachment against the President of the United States for abuse of power and obstruction of the House.”

The historic event is so “sad and tragic” for the country that Pelosi set aside hundreds of pens to be given to House Democrats as a triumphant souvenir of impeaching Trump.

Pelosi bragged earlier that impeachment was a permanent stain on the presidency’s legacy.

“Yes, it is a fact: When someone is impeached, they are always impeached. It cannot be erased. So I stand by that comment, although I know you don’t like hearing it,” Pelosi told Republicans on the House floor.

Pelosi made similar remarks in September as the House Democrat impeachment push started heating up, saying she was “prayerful” and “heartbroken” about impeaching Trump despite Democrats and the media calling for his removal since the day after he was elected.

Pelosi’s comments simply reflect her partisanship against Trump and lack of concern for due process or the rule of law.

The Democrats finally delivered the articles to the Senate, where the impeachment trial will reportedly ensue next week.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told her colleagues during a closed-door meeting on the Hill that Mitch McConnell is acting as a “rogue” Senate Majority Leader on Russia’s behalf, according to a CNN reporter.