Sadiq Khan Snubbed By The Queen – London Mayor Not Invited To Trump State Banquet

Labour’s Mr Khan was left off the guest list by the Monarch

Image Credits: Steve Punter / Wiki.

He played rude games the last time, so the Queen isn’t giving him the chance to do it again and embarrass England.

Via Express:

Labour’s Mr Khan was left off the guest list by the Monarch, despite announcing he would be happy to meet the American. Mr Khan’s spokesman, Jonathan Weisgard, told Newsweek: “The mayor has not been invited to the state banquet.” Invitations were sent to Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who both declined to attend.

Mr Khan and Mr Trump have clashed on numerous occasions in the run-up to the President’s second state visit, the first being last year.

Mr Khan, who has been condemned by Mr Trump for London’s knife crime epidemic, agreed to allow a blimp of the Republican to fly over the Capital in protest to his last visit.

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