Sam Harris Rage Quits Twitter Days After Claiming Hunter Biden Laptop Story Was Right “By Accident”

Musk announces that all internal Twitter communications about censoring the laptop story from 2020 will be made public

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Lefty ‘philosopher’ Sam Harris has deleted his Twitter account, just days after he claimed that the New York Post report on the infamous Hunter Biden laptop was correct “by accident,” a comment that renewed scrutiny of Harris’ previous comments that he supported censorship of the story.

Harris complained on the Bill Maher podcast that he was being harassed by ‘right wing lunatics’ on Twitter in regards to his previous comments that he would still have supported censoring the story even if Hunter Biden had “the corpses of dead children in his basement,” as a way of preventing a second Trump term.

Now Harris’ Twitter account, which had 1.5 million followers, is gone:

It isn’t clear whether Harris quit Twitter in response to reporting on his comments, or whether Elon Musk’s ‘voice of the people’ inspired decision to reinstate Trump and grant a general amnesty to others spurred the move, or both.

Either way, he’s taken his ball home.

Rest assured, you’ll still hear about Harris’ philosophical insights, like this for example:

Harris follows the likes of other lefty celebrities including Whoopi Goldberg, Gigi Hadid, and Jack White who have all rage quit the platform in recent days.

Interestingly, Musk is saying that he intends to make public all internal discussions about the censoring of the Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story, noting “this is necessary to restore public trust.”

Musk also announced some details on the new $8 Twitter verification system:


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