San Diego Police Ticket Dozens For Watching Sunset On Beach

Up to six months in prison, $1,000 fine for violating stay-at-home orders

Image Credits: Screenshot / Twitter.

Police in San Diego have started fining people for watching the sunset from the beach amid draconian stay-at-home orders in place for all of California.

At least 25 people were ticketed over the course of the weekend, according to Fox 5.

The citations were slapped on people who “were watching the sunset, having picnics near the beach,” the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department explained.

“Everyone is required to stay home except to get food, care for a relative or friend, get necessary health care, or go to an essential job,” the Sheriff tweeted. “22 people were cited near the beach in Encinitas. Complacency is the enemy. Take social distancing more seriously to stop coronavirus.”

“This is a legally enforceable order issued under California law-Govt. Code section 8665,” the Sheriff threatened in a follow-up tweet. “It’s a crime to violate this order and you may be punished by up to a $1,000 fine or six months behind bars or both for doing so.”

Police in nearby Los Angeles County have begun arresting surfers, with one man’s apprehension recently caught on video.

The lone paddler boarder was hunted down by a lifeguard boat, a Los Angeles County Sheriff patrol vessel, and officers on the beach, and eventually led away in handcuffs, as Infowars reported last week.

Infowars reporter Savanah Hernandez joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the current state of those cowering in fear and willingly submitting to life under a ‘police state’ lockdown of society.

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